Sunday, 19 October 2008

What the Eff?

Here are two sites who have stolen my recent Cracked article, and put it up on their sites without crediting me. One's in Croation, the other's some BS American college paper (who has since taken it down, but not the dozen comments from Cracked readers).

Why do people do this? I don't know if this sort of thing happens to them often, but Cracked has a massive readership; how do these sites think they're not going to get caught?

By all means, spread my writing around like the filthy whore it is. But FFS, credit me and link to here. That's all I ask.

Still to come, the full version. I'll have it up next week.

Wish I could release my flying batmonkeys on them. But I hate monkeys.


Chris said...

Fuck them in the Fuckhole girl!

Lisa said...

Damn straight!